A true blue!

Taking a classic skincare brand online and beyond...

Back in the internet dark ages (1996) we began working for skincare behemoth NIVEA. Promoting its huge skincare range globally via interactive specials, apps, newsletters, games, films, digital signage, websites, and more, Fork soon became synonymous with anything blue – for 15 sumptuously soft and supple years!

NIVEA History

Out of the blue: Reinterpreting the brand's iconic style for the digital space we coupled the resulting digital branding with our powerful in-house content management system (CMS). This formed the basis for NIVEA's global web presence – adapted and translated for over 55 countries internationally. The site won a People's Webby Award in 2010.

NIVEA History Split

Something old, something new: We wanted to connect this new digital brand expression with the company's historical roots. We did this by bridging the comprehensive History section with the global Beauty is campaign platform – connecting the brand's illustrious past with a bright new future...

NIVEA Homepage

The home of skincare: Thanks to our super slick CMS, NIVEA teams across the world could adapt the many product specials we created in time for local product launches.

NIVEA Header

Hundreds and thousands: We've lost count of the many online campaigns we created for NIVEA Germany, UK, France, Middle East, South Africa, and other markets. We also helped the UK team distribute over 1m product samples via their website.


Read-letter-day: We were responsible for the planning, creation, and delivery of millions of NIVEA Newsletters to consumers in Germany and the UK. We segmented content across target-group specific newsletters to ensure it was relevant and engaging for recipients. Every product special we created helped generate new newsletter subscribers.

NIVEA Face Experts

Face time: Many of the specials we created for the German and British markets were also localised for other NIVEA countries. Often they would be optimised for the web as well as offline kiosks like the NIVEA Visage Face Experts in the UK.

Imitation of life: The UK Face Experts roadshow launched online and took inspiration from the many offline events held up and down the country...


In the house: For the opening of NIVEA Haus, the brand's first retail concept store in Berlin, we created touchscreen features to give customers waiting on skincare treatments extra advice and product recommendations.

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