Explanation attempt in Theseus' nutshell

Fork Unstable Media

The name says it. We are still developing ourselves and our work in 'Unstable Media', a constantly changing technology and media landscape. We value instability as a state of movement, of open questions, of shimmering options and possibilities, in short: as a creative state.

This instability is at the beginning of every project. What then follows are decisions. Countless decisions, a thousand times "No!" and "Don't go!", on the way to "Well, maybe!?" and "That's it!". In the end, everything condenses into a new stability, the solution to a business or communication problem. Whereas, even digital diamonds are not forever. After the completion of a digital product or the launch of a campaign, new spaces open up, for example for adaptation, expansion or optimization. We value sustainable work, and many of our projects can still be seen years later. Nevertheless, it is true that there is no such thing as a truly finished digital product.

Time ticks faster on the Internet, some claim. Others say that on the web, you're always a tick behind the present. Whether before or behind, we're focusing on the here and now and don't want to bore anyone with stories from the past. At this point, therefore, just this much…

In the late 1990s, Fork was one of the first internet agencies from the Bundesrepublik whose work attracted attention on the World Wide Web. Some of them were even included in the permanent collection of Architecture & Design at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. A lot has happened since then and we have changed as much as we have remained the same. We are still experimenting with new technologies. We still aim to inspire with our design. We still create digital experiences that serve, entertain, support, inspire or touch people in different aspects of their personal and professional lives. In some moments, even all at once.

We currently have about 70 creative minds from the fields of consulting, creation and technology working in our offices in Hamburg, Cologne and Berlin; or they can join us on the move from Vienna, Rostock or elsewhere.


... emerged from a Deutsch-Amerikanische-Freundschaft. Part of the fischerAppelt  Group since 2011. We are Fork. Still unstable after all these years.

So we use digital media or tools to bring brands, products or services together with people. We mediate between goals on the one hand and needs on the other. We keep an eye on the different contexts, examine and link measures along user, customer or candidate journeys. This produces very different results, such as:

We look for simple and sophisticated solutions – the essence plus a dose of poetry (loosely based on the wisdom of Master Rams). Every simple solution is preceded by a puzzle of complexity. We meet this complexity with interdisciplinary and experienced teams as well as a construction kit of competencies, processes and tools. When the sum of the individual parts becomes more than a whole, we transform our customers' problems and challenges into sustainable success.

New Power Generation

At our company, folks with very different backgrounds and talents come together to work with each other, learn from each other, and have fun together. Most of the time, anyway. Allow us to introduce our current New Power Generation.


Bread, Butter & Games

As playful and warm as the ambience may be, in the end it's work. Sometimes bread and butter, but sometimes experimentation and a learning curve. Do you feel like taking curves with us? Then get in touch!