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Getting people curious about the Dlf Audiothek

Download. Listen. Understand.

Demand for digital audio content is exploding – an appetite that's left a labyrinth of services and apps in its wake. So to cut through the noise – and promote a unique and highly acclaimed media library – we created a striking visual campaign to push Deutschlandfunk's Audiothek app...

Fab four: vibrant motifs to help break the ice with potential new Audiothek users.


Dlf audiences are an inquisitive bunch who like to understand why things are the way they are. So to get them interested in downloading the Audiothek app, we created an information gap which spoke directly to their curious nature.

Dlf: Claim

Short 'n' sweet: we condensed the app's huge offering into a brief claim-cum-call to action.

Idea & Execution

We created imagery which juxtaposed topics and genres popular with listeners, and tied them together visually with the Dlf logo. Each motif poses questions and piques curiosity. And together with a three-word claim-cum-call to action Laden. Hören. Verstehen. (Download. Listen. Understand.) we presented the Dlf Audiothek as the app for podcasts with depth.

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Seeing is believing: exploring ideas and putting them to paper.

Four campaign motifs addressed the topics of healthcare, housing, culture, and the environment. The mixed media motifs appeared online as digital display, native advertising, and social video ads. Digital OOH formats took our message offline in locations across Germany.

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Profit before patients: what’s really driving the healthcare sector?

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Climate change: are changing attitudes or policy changes the answer?

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Lose yourself: Alice invites new audiences to explore Dlf’s audiobooks.

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Full house: affordable housing for all, but is there enough to go round?

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Tunnel vision: digital out of home formats took our motifs offline, reaching 1.2 million commuters across Germany.

Dlf: Microsite

Microsite, macro downloads: our campaign has brought many new listeners to the Dlf Audiothek.


“Concerning interactions (app installs and click rates) the campaign performed exemplary.”

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