Wizards of OS

We are an agency for the digital aspects of life.

Communication, consumption, culture or weather - digital is not always better, but it's hard to imagine our everyday lives without it. With our work, we want to improve the digital aspects of life. To achieve this, we rely on creative solution strategies, attach importance to sustainable design and customized technologies. We are the Fork. Hello!

What we offer

Selected works

Our file servers are roaring with experience and our clouds are bulging with data. There are too many projects we would like to tell you about, and a representative selection seems impossible. Nevertheless, we have tried and compiled some works.

Our cases

Bread, Butter & Games

As playful and warm as the ambience may be, in the end it's all about work for us, too. Sometimes bread and butter, but sometimes experimentation and learning curves. Would you like to lay down curves with us? Then get in touch!