Wizards of OS

An Agency for the Digital Side of Life

Brands, communication, processes, and services. Digital isn’t the answer to everything, but digital solutions are a key part of our private and professional lives. We create special experiences that win over digital citizens, and develop customized systems that evolve with our customers. Hello, we are Fork!

What we offer

We are an agency for the digital aspects of life.

Communication, consumption, culture or weather - digital is not always better, but it's hard to imagine our everyday lives without it. With our work, we want to improve the digital aspects of life. To achieve this, we rely on creative solution strategies, attach importance to sustainable design and customized technologies. We are the Fork. Hello!

What we offer

Digital is Better

Founded in 1996, Fork was one of the first digital agencies in the Bundesrepublik whose projects gained international attention. To this day, we continue to impress our clients, juries and – above all – the people who come into contact with our work.

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