Excuse Lottery

Putting the trusty telephone call at the heart of a real-time Facebook feature

To promote congstar’s Flat Rate Calls Tariff we invited audiences to call the Ausreden Lotterie (Excuse Lottery) – a feature where they could ring characters from the TV ad in real-time for a chance to win a new Sony smartphone. Result: 370,000+ calls to the interactive film in just one week...

Screenshot congstar

Facebook app: Participants could call the number as often as they liked – with the congstar Flat Rate Tariff it didn't cost them a penny!

With the best mobile network coverage in Germany, congstar customers have to stay creative when cutting boring phone calls short.

So to discover if they had won a smartphone or if they’d simply be fobbed off with another lame excuse, visitors simply rang the randomly generated number displayed on the campaign app and watched as the characters from the TV ad responded to their calls in real time...

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Case study: The campaign and its results in a nutshell

congstar Ausreden-Lotterie Mobile

Out with the old: Those lucky enough to win a new smartphone simply left their details as a message on the campaign answering machine feature.

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Only an excuse: Our digital soundboard gave Spotify listeners the perfect excuse to cut short annoying calls...

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