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The world's first microplastic test.

As microplastic reaches the earth’s remotest places, many are worried about the volume entering our bodies. So to give people the facts, and highlight Merck’s microplastic-free alternatives for the cosmetic and personal care industry, we created the world’s first microplastic test...

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Quick reaction: Our trailer gives a first impression of how inspiring B2B communication can look. To the case study .

Challenge & Brief

Despite partial bans and tighter regulations, the cosmetic and personal care industry is still a major contributor of microplastic to the environment. Our brief was to highlight the many different ecosystems and lifeforms affected by the spread of microplastic, and invite global business audiences to discover Merck's microplastic-free alternatives for the production of cosmetic and personal care products.

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The Journey: Follow a microplastic particle on an incredible trip

We created a film that follows a microplastic particle on a dizzying POV-trip­ to the human food chain and followed up with an interactive test which asks ten questions to reveal the average number of particles you consume and produce each day. Supported by microplastic-inspired animations, the jargon-free test also complements answers with helpful tips on how to reduce your overall microplastic consumption and emissions.

Discover how much microplastic you consume and create

Screen Time: Set the stage for the world's first microplastic self-test

Effect & Results
The campaign film wowed audiences by combining chaos and calm to tell a poignant and extremely sensory story. With the goal of inspiring change at manufacturing level, the film uses challenging perspectives and bold transitions to give audiences a tiny perspective of what's currently a huge environmental challenge. And with the interactive test shedding light on how we're personally affected by microplastic, the campaign got people curious with...

  • 18 Million Video Views
  • 5-Minute Average Microsite Visit Time
  • 100,000+ Completed Tests

Expert Analysis: Our microplastic test is the result of a collaboration with leading specialist Dr. Todd Gouin – an expert who has advised the UN on microplastic topics

Cineastisch … Shot für Shot zum Kampagnenfilm

Hands On: A range of different techniques and locations (in and out of the studio) were explored to create the mesmerising campaign film

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Making of: Take a look behind the scenes to find out how the mesmerising campaign film was created


London International Awards 2021
Bronze (Music & Sound: Sound Mixing/Editing)
Bronze (Production & Post-Production: Editing)

CRESTA Awards 2021
Silver (Film Craft: Outstanding Direction)
Bronze (Film Craft: Outstanding Cinematography)

New York Festivals 2021
Silver (Sound Design/Use of Sound)

EPICA Awards 2020
Silver (Direction & Cinematography)

Creative Circle 2020
Silver (Film Craft: Editing)

Kinsale Shark Awards 2020
Bronze (Film Craft: Editing)

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