Prepaid Mixer Game

Learning to play with congstar's tariff mixer

Play is the best way to learn something new. So when congstar briefed us to get as many people as possible to interact with their slider-based tariff configurator we turned it into game and slapped it on the YouTube homepage for a day...

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Case study: The project and its results in a nutshell

To goal of the game was to help the character from the TV ad create his personal prepaid tariff. To do that, players had to use the tariff mixer's Telephone, SMS, and Internet sliders to fill the gaps in the supermarket floor in time for Timo driving past on his shopping trolley.

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Walkthrough: See the game in action and its seamless connection with congstar's online shop

The game paid off big time: The 1-day YouTube booking racked up…

  • Over 1m hours total display time
  • An average interaction time of 64 seconds (4x the local benchmark!)
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