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Website relaunch of the production house for contemporary culture

More digital space for art and culture - We brought the Kampnagel feeling to the web! With the website, the makers of the production house get the flexibility they need to make theater, dance, performance, music, visual arts and architecture shine.

More flexibility, more experience

Our task was to make the website much more than an event calendar with an attached ticket store. A flexible, interactive and dynamic site. A site on which contemporary culture can be experienced.

Mobile Darstellung der Website

A balancing act

The program is wild and diverse. It represents a broad spectrum of aesthetic positions and pioneering tendencies. Kampnagel is a productive laboratory for the development of ideas, a think tank and a place for controversy that opens up to society and processes the surrounding reality in art. At the same time, the institution has the goal to let all people participate, which placed high demands on the user-friendliness and accessibility of the content.

The title images are converted to monochrome shapes by scrolling.

Networking among events guides through the website.

Inclusive implementation

The website makes it easy to engage with the productions and positions of the institution. With an improved filter function of the events and the possibility to experience the website in easy language, we have created not only technical but also general digital accessibility according to BITV 2.1.

Events from the last 13 years were transferred to the system, creating a digital Kampnagel archive.

Communication lab

The content is in the foreground. Design, templates and system are flexibly structured, so that the Kampnagel team also has a digital communication lab at its disposal. The website is also connected to the CultureBase network, one of the largest nationwide online networks for actors and activities in the cultural sector.

Interfaces & Technologies

Tickets are sold via an external system. A specially developed interface imports the ticket contingent and regularly compares supply and demand. In this way, available tickets can be automatically displayed on the website. And in the background, there are no duplicate maintenance efforts. The flexible templates are filled with content via Craft CMS. Learn more about how we use the Craft CMS here .

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