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Digital training platform for the product launch of the ID.3

Successful sales training despite the pandemic. For the market launch of the ID.3, we developed a digital training and event platform - including live atmosphere and gamification.

Initial situation

The market launch of the first "CO2-neutral Volkswagen" - the all-electric ID.3 - could not be allowed to go wrong under any circumstances. After all, this was the first model based on the Modular Electric Vehicle Toolkit, from which the Group intends to derive more than 30 vehicles and achieve market leadership in e-mobility. And then there came the pandemic.


When it was foreseeable that the originally planned on-site training could not take place, Volkswagen assigned us with the design and implementation of a digital training platform. Tight timing, complex information architecture, high IT security requirements and high expectations among the sales staff - an exciting task for our team in the home office.


Together with VW, we used the crisis as an opportunity, threw old thought patterns overboard and developed a completely independent product.

Five modules formed the basis of the training. Moderator Chris Brow  led the program from the 'ID Experience Studio' in Wolfsburg. After the opening broadcast, the platform was made available to all markets and participants were able to access the multimedia modules on demand.

Interactive question modules were used to check learning progress. For correct answers, participants were rewarded with points that they could use as wagers to increase their "high score". This competitive moment was very well received by the sales staff and turned the learning program into a team competition.







Experience Design

Those who went through the content in a linear format experienced a sort of live event atmosphere, in part due to Chris Brow's emotional performances. The content seen remained accessible even after completion of the 'Way to ID.3' and could thus be used for in-depth training. Market responsible trainers kept track of their teams' progress to motivate them to complete the training.

An FAQ process permanently offered the possibility to ask questions and find answers.

To minimize the server load of the multiple streamed video content, the event, which was planned for two days, was spread over several weeks. The participants were divided into several small groups. This allowed the content to be tailored to the needs of individual teams. Of course, the content was provided in the respective national language, but also different information needs and authorizations, as well as motivational and team building modules were played out individually.

The collected points could be increased by a connected betting mechanic. This promoted engagement with the content and motivation to successfully complete the 6-7 hour training.

Operational implementation

With the main focus on a fast time-to-market and a high delivery quality, we worked together in an agile setup with experts from different disciplines both in the basic conception and the implementation phase.

During the development process, we attached great importance to transparent communication with the markets. In this way, we were able to inspire the experts from didactics, content production and market training for the platform.

More in-depth information was provided by the exploratory hotspot module.


In a very short time, we were able to create a digital and agile training platform for Volkswagen that created the feeling of a live event, even in Covid times, and was able to present the ID.3. to the salespeople in an appropriate as well as playful way. For this, all partners involved had to step out of their comfort zone of "business as usual", which ultimately led to huge success.

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