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How many microplastic particles do you consume and produce each day?

Microplastics are everywhere. In the oceans. In our food. In ourselves. Our educational campaign  provides an overview of how microplastics are created - and how to prevent that. In the campaign film, visitors experience a wild POV trip through the life of a microplastic particle - and subsequently complete the world's first microplastic self-test on the interactive campaign site.

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The Journey: Follow a microplastic particle on an incredible trip

Cineastisch … Shot für Shot zum Kampagnenfilm

Cinematic: shot by shot towards the completion of a campaign film

DIY … SFX-Experten hauchen unseren Ideen Leben ein

DIY: SFX-experts bring our ideas to life

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Motion Design: millions of small particles illustrate the test questions

Everyday Items… Visualising test questions, pixel by pixel

Everyday Items: Visualising test questions, pixel by pixel

Bühne frei … für den weltweit ersten Mikroplastik-Selbsttest

Screen Time: Clear the stage for the world's first microplastic self-test

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Down the Drain: A video ad focusses on the microplastic we produce

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Bad Taste: A second video ad focusses on our microplastic consumption

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