A website for a newly created brand that unites more than 20 specialized companies under one roof: – is our state-of-the art execution of modern web design techniques that ‘adds something on töp’ for both, internal and external audiences.

umlaut’s vision is all about changing industrial and organizational advisory and fulfillment services for the better, from regular to special. The name ‘umlaut’ as well as the playful use of the umlaut-two dots is inspired by the German diacritical mark that alters the pronunciation of a vowel, changing it from a regular into a special one.

We took the corporate design, developed by fellow Hamburgers Rocket & Wink, and translated it for the web. Taking full advantage of the latest web technologies we used illustration, animation and interaction to create an experience that breaks with traditional patterns and helps the brand escape the industry’s sea of sameness.

A fluid design system allows a seamless user experience across all ‘Endgeräte’. We chose a set-up with Craft CMS and GraphQL, building a ‘headless architecture’ that separates data input and storage from content publishing and output systems. Thus, all content is stored in its purest format, and it’s easy to publish it appropriately in many different channels. All in all, a future-friendly approach, equipping umlaut with resilience, flexibility and adaptability for future use cases. And... last not least, a fun to use website. Say hello to speciäl!

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