Thinking outside the newsroom – we assisted the e-commerce company Otto in getting their press area future-ready, by helping them rediscover the joys of dialog and turning editors into multi-channel all-rounders.

We’d like to order everything, please: a platform that connects numerous channels, while offering story-telling and inciting interaction. That was the briefing form Ottocomms, the integrated communication- and digital unit of the Otto corporation.

E-Commerce is constantly undergoing change: themes, channels and target groups of online businesses are always in a continual state of flux. The hurdle we set out for ourselves to leap was impressive: create a newsroom that gives editors the ability to cultivate a lively dialog with customers, brand, influencers and potential multipliers.

Using the principles of future friendly webdesign as a basis, we created an editorial system that wasn’t just designed for websites. Editors took care of “pure” data, prioritized content and let the design system do the designing. We also ensured optimal use by additionally focusing on the user experiences of the editors.

It not only works – it works wonders! The daily interaction with the system is so intuitive that the editorial staff can entirely focus on the content output.

“From the very beginning, it was important to us that our team could concentrate on content and not the IT-training. And that’s was fork brought to the table“, says Martin Frommhold, Division Manager & Corporate Spokesman bei OTTO.

Future-Friendly System Bosses love this!
Easy-to-Use Platform Editors love this!
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