The world’s number one tourism business TUI asked us to elaborate a holistic digital user experience for a demanding target audience.

When TUI teamed up with wildlife photographer Michael Poliza in order to enter the premium travel market, they needed a holistic user experience that connected all experiences, before, during and after the journey, to something memorable.

Individuality and attention to detail were the cornerstones of our concept. We dealt creatively with the photography of Mr. Poliza, tore travel anecdotes out of him, and complemented it with beautifully illustrated maps. The aesthetic and narrative quality thus created invites audiences into other worlds and arouses their wanderlust.

We provided concept, design, illustration, copywriting, front-end and back-end programming. We even provided the travel operators with an online tool enabling them to easily customize offers and produce animated itineraries.

4x Awarded
Yeah! Illustration
100% Text
Yeah! Storytelling
Yeah! Digital Lead


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