We equipped Merck with an augmented virtual reality experience helping them implement their all-new brand to their international workforce.


The Virtual Reality Branding Dome turns ‘the new Merck’ into a tangible and fun experience and thus helps employees bonding with their new brand.

Traveling from one location to another, it invites local staff to toy around with brand principles. The colorful booth can hardly be overlooked and marks the point of entry into the virtual world. As soon as the VR headset is put on, employees find themselves in the ‘Innerspace’ of their brand.

Three experiences await them there: How about embarking on a ride with the Curiosity Coaster? Want to bend some strings? Scuffing around Mercrobes, anyone?

No Joystick! No gloves! No external controller! Reach into augmented virtuality with your own two hands. The VR-headset combined with state-of-the-art motion and gesture detection technology provides users with an almost tactile virtual experience making it fun to bend strings, catch, and even customize Mercrobes. Or, as a recent participant commented, “It’s a real-life experience!”

Brand implementation is more than style-guides and rules, it actually can be fun. Merck’s VR Branding Dome offers colorful adventures in virtual reality that wow both hemispheres of the brain.

VR Brand Implementation
3 Experiences Gesture & Motion Detection
97% Survey Rated Great UX
95% Survey Perfectly conveys brand idea

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