WACKEN! LOLLAPALOOZA! STREET GIGS! During this project, we learned that it actually is possible to dance to information architecture. And if all this wasn't enough, we’re happy to have helped to give worldwide audiences live music streaming in 360° unlimited view.

For German telecommunications giant Telekom Deutschland GmbH we created a responsive web platform, that streams concert experiences from renown musical outfits to your desktop, tablet or mobile. Therefore, we created a digital ecosystem that brings together different heritage systems under the roof of one central content management system. Furthermore, we helped to clearly position the brand MAGENTA MUSIK 360 and we made sure that busting the record for most concurrent viewers for a W:O:A-show wouldn’t send the servers south of heaven.

Livestreaming concerts multiply the reach of any concert. Hence, even a small venue can reach a big audience and become a global thing. Telekom Deutschland recognized this trend early on and created several different services. As so often, it came to a point where the company needed to consolidate. That’s when we came into play, pooling the already existing offerings – Livestreams, Prio Tickets and Street Gigs into one platform; with maximum focus for the brand!

A future-friendly system consisting of a logical information architecture, a consistent look and a modular template system offers much freedom for the editorial staff. It also is very flexible and can be adjusted to future requirements.

s•T•ream Brand Positioning Reign in Magenta
Gig Economy Stream on! Piece by Piece
Fits all! Responsive Raining Good

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