The website for the Jewish Museum in Frankfurt am Main is a beautiful responsive frame through which visitors can experience the diversity of Jewish culture and its history in Germany.

The museum’s main house was still a construction site when we were busy creating the website for the fundamentally renewed and expanded institution. Our work included strategy, digital branding and website design for both locations of the museum: the Jewish Museum itself and the Museum Judengasse. The numerous events, expositions and digital exhibits needed both, a common digital roof and an orientation system for visitors from all over the world. The infrastructure we crafted furthermore needed to enable organizers, curators and editors to implement their new communication strategy of a globally networked museum.

The new concept uses a color-coded navigation system that assigns content to each corresponding house. All modules were developed in two color versions and based on the corporate design, including micro-animation. The latest web technology ensures for greater accessibility and shorter loading times.

The re-worked online presence is characterized by a sophisticated web design and greater usability. In spite of the technical complexities the solution brought with it, we managed to stay true to the classic typo3 back end format. What’s more, it also won silver at the 2018 Annual Multimedia Awards.

Come in! Accessible
Fits all! Responsive
Two Houses 2 in One

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