Make-over of Hilti’s e-commerce experience. We provided concept, design and front-end code for the fully responsive online shop.

Groundhog day!

Four years after our last big make-over we relaunched Hilti’s e-commerce experience again. The renown Liechtenstein brand commissioned us for user experience, design, and front-end programming as well as SEO, content and video production.

The all-new e-commerce platform marks both, the first execution of a revised Hilti brand, and a realization of a fully responsive online-shop on an international scale. Last, but not least, we established a good basis for publishing attractive content in the near future.

Right from the start (February, 19th) it was clear that this was a major challenge because high expectations were combined with a December 10th deadline that was carved in Alpine rock. That saying, we are proud to say that we not only launched on time but also in style.

Here’s to 11 challenging months of hard work, relaunching a brand and online shop, paving the way for meaningful future storytelling and producing a UX par excellence. We tested conception and design with actual Hilti clients, juggled parallel sprints of up to 16 front-end programmers, processed 2,764 Jira tickets, and finished approx. 150 templates. Furthermore, we were commissioned to do search engine optimization, help with contend production, and create how-to-videos.

Last but not least, we’d like to add that there has never been a project with more hours of telephone conferencing, since Alexander Graham Bell invented the blower.

15 Languages
35K Products (and counting)
Yeah! Perso­nalized Content
37 Countries
1x Responsive E-Commerce


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