A brand with a long tradition (it’s older than the United States) links up with the zeitgeisty fashion world. We created a website that features collaborations with Rick Owens, 032c or Pierpaolo Piccioli, all of them re-interpreting the iconic sandals.

The website works like a layer on top of the regular Birkenstock webshop. This presentation layer provides the minimalistic context necessary for an optimal presentation of the edgy collections. Sandalistas are invited to explore the designs and immerse themselves with interactive galleries, video footage, or details of the avant-garde designs.

It’s an interactive experience of the 1774 brand and it’s a shopping window guiding users from window shopping to actually buying the sandals at Birkenstock’s already existing web-shop. That layering technique is an efficient way to combine two worlds, the world of beauty with the world of comfort.

Goodbuy Shopping Window Minimalistic Catwalk
Fits all Responsive Big Screen – Small Screen
Buckle Up! Target Group Sandalistas of the World

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